On the momentous evening of february 9, 1993, the Sargodhian Old Boys Association (SOBA) resolved on the formation of the Sargodhian Spirit Trust whose sole purpose would be to start schools in in all provinces of Pakistan on the model of their Alma Mater, PAF Public School Sargodha. This would be the best way to give something back to the nation in return for what they had so richly received from their school.

They envisioned that the schools they build would have the following salient tents:

  1. Formal education leading to IGCSE/O and A levels certification from the Cambridge Board.
  2. Sound moral footing through Islamic teachings and personality development.
  3. Physical education through the best in sports and body development methods.
  4. Community awareness through community work, civic partnership and love for Pakistan.
  5. Development of individual talent through diverse clubs and societies.

 The ultimate aim of the Founders was to inculcate leadership qualities in the students for which they chose the motto, EXCEL TO LEAD.