In order to stay abreast with day-to-day changes and challenges of modern world, students were familiarized with the possible Alternate Sources of Energy Seminar on 8thOctober, 2016. To add value and colour to the event, many guest schools from Tando Allahyar and neighboring districts were officially invited.  The emerging SSTiansas well as the students of Cadet College Petaro, The Concept School ThattaIBCS college Tando Allahyar, and Foundation School Tando Allahayar presented their ideas through presentations and models. The main focus in all stage performances was to discover new but available alternatives for energy while conserving the means of existing energy. The audience generously appreciated the efforts of the budding leaders of future. The guest Speaker Mr Mashtaque Ahmed, Site Manager at Zorlu Turkey Project, Jhumpirhighlighted the salient features of Wind Power Plant, Jhumpir. The captivating session extended substantial information to the knowledge-hungry students. The dignified and hospitable Principal, Air Cdre (Retd), Nayyar Q. Khawja, gave away certificates. In his message, he cordially expressed his gratitude to all the participating institutions. Furthermore, he insisted that whatever presented on stage in words or projects should not be left behind in either hard-disks of computer or on scrap of papers; rather he urged every single individual to strive to find out some pragmatic solution to root-out the monster of power crisis in Pakistan. With this, the fruitful program was concluded and guests and hosts headed towards their destinations.