Annual Funfair 2017

Annual Fun-fair at SST is a long-awaited event, particularly for students who impatiently wait as business and fun smartly blended to fetch profit and recreation. This regular calendar activity was held on 10th and 11th December, 2016. The honourable Commissioner Mr. Qazi Shahid Pervaiz along with the Principal Air Cdre (Retd), Nayyar Qayyum Khawja inaugurated the event. They visited all the stalls and admired arrangements and synchronization of the whole event. Our distinguished guest Mr. Raees Ghulam Qadir Murrie paid his timely visit. Subsequently, Mr. Imdad Ali Patafi, Minister Works and Services Department; Mr. Jadam Mangrio, former Minister Railway: Mr. Ali Muhammad Waleheri, District Chairman Tando Allahyar also grace the occasion. They expressed their great satisfaction at the role SST Public School playing by enhancing goodwill and creating healthy environment for constructive activities.

The students as well as visitors enjoyed various activities at the funfair including heavy-bike, tanga and horse-rides. The Mini-Train Ride provided fair-goers with an opportunity to visit the whole SST campus. Children and even elders enjoyed Ferris wheel and other swings. Many families brought mats, basked in the sun and took back happy memories.

The serene and clean environment of school coupled with well-decorated stalls and attention-grabbing slogans created a fantasy land in the lush green football ground of SST. 

In all, 60-stalls were set up. Different stalls displayed different items for sale including clutches, handbags, T-Shirts and pants, toys, dry-fruits, etc. Besides, the visitors also paid attention to stalls that offered artificial jewellery, face-painting, cosmetics, mehndi, tea, ice cream, chips, gol guppay, barbeque, spicy rolls, chocolates and many more. In addition to this, live commentary and the high-pitched musical notes also added to the fun.

The students believed the funfair was one such activity that helped them come out of dreary routines and have fun with family members, old friends and class fellows.

With light-hearted game competitions and distributions of prizes given away by Mr. and Mrs. Nayyar on the evening of 11th December, 2016 brought two-day fun-filled mela to a fabulous end. The fair-goers unwillingly left for their destinations longing for more such events.