SST Public School, Rashidabad has set a unique tradition of inviting regional schools to visit its huge campus. Recently Beacon Light Academy Karachi sent a request to visit SST, and the objective behind was to familiarise their junior students with the importance of boarding institution and its comparison with a day school. With a band of 32 girls, 42 boys and 11 teachers, the school reached SST on Friday afternoon.

Friendly matches of Cricket, Football, and Basketball were played between SSTians and students of Beacon Light Academy. During their overnight stay, they visited the whole school except academic block, and were inspired by rich green fields, kitchen garden, dairy farm, poultry and hatchery of Peacocks, Ostrich, Ducks and Rabbits.

At night, they watched movie in the school auditorium and had great fun. They also enjoyed meals served in Mensa, and were highly moved by the state of discipline observed at SST. Saturday morning, they dropped round to see the academic block in the company of Ms Nahid Malik, Ms Sara Asim and Mr Abdul Rahman.

Before their departure, refreshment was served wherein Bagum and Principal, Air Cdre (Retd) Nayyar Q Khawja and Vice Principal, Mr Muhammad Zubair accompanied them. T-shirts and Scarfs having school monogram printed on them were presented to the students, and the teachers were gifted school Mugs. Principal of Beacon Light Academy, Ms Azra could not join her students and teachers on the visit, and on her behalf, her teacher received the school crest.