Community Service Trip to Tharparkar

SST Public School has designed a robust plan of community service trips for young students to develop in them an increased sense of social responsibility with a heart for "giving back" and helping others. Such unique trips expose them to diversity and multiculturalism, and provides them an opportunity to apply academic learning to real human needs. Young students build relationships and "social connectedness" with peers, adults, and activists sharing a cause. This kind social-work additionally improves their communication and critical thinking skills.

On Saturday, 25th February, a batch of 86 SSTians volunteered another community service trip to Tharparkar. This time, it was decided to send Pre-Cambridge students on this trip chaperoned by teachers.

Students visited local mosque and madrasah in Islamkot, and handed out clothes to the needy and poor children. Next they travelled to Mithi where they socialized with community people, and apportioned clothes and food among them according to their family needs. Students showed notable interest in exploring the problems faced by the locals of Tharparkar, and they also manifested honest concern for their possible and effective solutions.

SSTians came back with a deep feeling of thankfulness and contentment for whatever they have been blessed with. The trip developed in them the noble idea of ‘sharing is caring’ and it will surely help them in years ahead.