It has been the culture of SST Public School to conduct seminars on different occasions to help students learn and have knowledge about different subject matters. Therefore, a Seminar on Ashurah, (the Tenth of Muharram ul Haraam) was held in SST. The Chief Guest for this Seminar was renowned scholar DR. Noor Ahmed Shahtaaz from Karachi.

The program started at 10:30 AM with the Recitation of the Holy Quran. Worthy Principal, Vice Principal, faculty members and all the students gathered to attend this auspicious event. The chief guest explained the history of this event in Islam. He also emphasized on the importance of practicing values rather than celebration of such events. He also stressed the audience to avoid sectarianism and urged them to get united as true Muslims. At the end of his speech the question and answer session was also conducted.

The Principal, Sir Nayyar Qayyum Khwaja thanked the Chief Guest for his visit to SST to appreciate the students. He also presented the school crest and a souvenir to the Chief Guest.

The event ended at 12:30 PM with Dua invoked by the Chief Guest.

After the session was over, the Chief Guest visited the Upper and Middle School, Labs and the Library. He wished his prayers for the successful future of the school. He was served Lunch in Mensa in the company of Worthy Principal and Vice Principal.