4th Annual Reunion 2018


Memories are made when gathered around the table.


Since 2015 , SSTPSR after completing its journey of a decade organized the 1st Re union with the aim to make it a part of School calendar activity. To keep the tradition, the fourth Annual reunion aimed at Alumni from the entries of 2005 to 2018 was held on Sunday 14 October 2018 for all passed out batches .It attracted a very good turn-out this year.


Majority of the Alumni reported by 11:00am. After refreshment, they were escorted to the Auditorium. As soon as the Principal and the Vice Principal arrived, the program started. IT support for stage performance was provided by Mr Asif Khan and his team.


The program was formally commenced with the recitation of the verses of the Holy Quran. The Head Boy , Avinash Kingrani gave his welcome speech and cordially thanked all the Alumni for paying back their visit to their Alma Mater.


Mr Deedar SST sports director and Music teacher accompanied by his choir of Foundation Class boys welcomed the audience with their beautiful song. After this, the Karate show was displayed which was highly applauded by the audience.


One of the former students of SST from entry 5, Mohammad Yousuf wrote a book “Rait Ke Chaaown Mein” The Launching Ceremony of this book was also a part of this program. It was formally inaugurated with the reviews given by Vice Principal M. Zubair, Mrs. Naheed Malik and Mr. Anees- ul- Mustufa in a lively and jolly manner.


M. Yousuf himself shared his experience by recounting the process he went through in writing, compiling and proof reading the book and added that he owed a great debt to one of his former Urdu teachers , Mr Alamdar Hussain Naqvi, in this regards. He, moreover continued that the book was finalized in three phases and thanked for the help given by SST Head Office and his Peshawar institution which also contributed in printing of the book.


It was declared that the book was there in the publication department for the students, teachers and Alumni to purchase. After Zohar prayers, Alumni went to their respective houses and revived their cherished memories.


Alumni, accompanied by the current students were led to the tour of the campus. Later, they joined different Sport Activities i.e swimming, Basketball, Volley ball as per their choices .After working up an appetite on the tours, alumni enjoyed a sit down on the tea table with other students, taking time to rekindle old friendships with classmates from the years gone by.


The reunion concluded with many students meeting their teachers, and promising their Alma Mater that they will keep burning this flame of unique affiliation in the coming years too .Over all, it was an evocative and lively day.