4Th IT Expo 2018


Almost every device in life is now functioning under microcontroller program. The requirement of merging science today is to design, develop and program machines as much as you can and it should be encouraged from junior level.

SST Public School in this regard held its 4th Regional IT Expo on 20th October,2018 in which more than 20 schools,colleges and universities from the region showcased their projects that offered modern technology solutions .

The Expo was well supported by the education community across the region and continued to provide an annual platform for different neighboring institutions and universities. More than 20 Schools, colleges and universities participated in the event , but a few other missed the event due to their examination going on in their campuses.

Various demonstrations and competitions were organized like programing competition, Digital painting competition, gaming and IT Quiz but the major show was the computer science robotic projects and softwareshowcase and competition.

SST School announced cash prizes of 10000 and 7000 for winner and runner-up in senior category in which university students participated and f junior category or school and colleges with a cash prize of 7000 and 5000 for winner and runner up.

The event was a delightful amalgam of coordination and competition among the teachers and students of universities, schools and colleges of the region in their robotic work and software development. Students showed their projects about software development and programing machines.

Students participated at large scale and their efforts were appreciated excellently. It shows the bright future of Pakistan andthey were looking seriously interested to be a respectable part of the global village. SST Public School provided them to show, share and compete in a healthy way, and to actively coordinate with the seniors to learn more.

Sindh University Hyderabad, Mehran University Hyderabad, Sindh agricultural university Tando Jam, HIAST Hyderabad, APPTEACH Hyderabad played the major role in senior project exhibition and competition. Schools and colleges showed a great interest in the event too.

We are thankful to all the participants specially the chief guest Dr. Najma Memon Analytical Chemistry Department Sindh University, Dr. Noor Muhammad Chairperson Electrical Engineering DepartmentISRA Universityand the other jury members who speared time for the event.

We e specially thank Prof Dr. Wajiha Shah Chairperson Electronics Department Mehran University, Engr. Amir Patoli, Engr. Mansoor Ali Teevno and Dr. Adnan Ashraf of Computer Department Mehran university and Mr. Sajjad from Tando Jam university for playing an energetic role in the motivation of senior students to participate in the event, showcase their projects and enhance the awareness of programing machines.

Project of Sindh university was awarded the winning place and for Runners up two projects were selected: the position of Multi-functional robot of Sindh University and Quad Copter of Mehran University in senior category.

School students showed their keen interest in robotics and exhibited amazing projects. Student of Eagle School made a writing machine and got first prize of 7000. Students of KK School Tando Allahyar won second prize of 5000 against their project of Home security system.

Print media and electronic media both covered the event and publish in papers and propogated on many channels.



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