Rockford Cambridge School has organized an Inter-School Event called Rockford Economic Championship 2018. The event is aimed at providing young students enrolled in Business Stream an opportunity to display knowledge of the subject Economics by taking part in a quiz and making presentations as teams on an economic issue assigned.


SST received the 2 day Scholastic Event invitation from R C S Senior Branch Hyderabad to Enhance the Economics Learning on 15 November 2018 and with Principal approval I started the preparation. As the event is meant for XI, XII & XIII CIE appearing classes on Economics syllabus as well about Pakistan Economy.


To screen out the potential students I prepared two on line MCQ test, 40 MCQs on Economic Theory and 40 MCQs on Pakistan Economy. All three classes appeared and I short the top students for two day program with the combination and participation of XI, XII, XII students for Quiz Competition and Economics presentation.


The Topic for presentation was given at the end of Quiz Competition in form of picking the chit so SST got “POVERTY” for presentation.


On Thursday 22 November we left SST to reached Pearl banquet the venue of Event by 8:50AM.The Banquet was adjacent to RCS senior branch building, SST Team was registered and asked to sit one site. Mr Kashif Ismail School Head welcome all SST boys and asked me to sit on front sofa of the hall. At 9:15 AM all seven teams comprising RCS, Beacon House, The City School Jinnah Campus, Foundation Public School, Blue Jays School, SSTPSR and Fahim School Systems were invited on stage to take their positions on assigned tables.


It was enlighten to meet seven SST alumni who are currently studying at Rockford Cambridge School in A levels and share their precious memories of SST days.


This 2 Day Event was organized by group of Senior students Miss Bilquis , Mr Haris Panhwar , Faizan Raza ; this team work under the supervision of Mrs Samira and Head Management Panel Mr Hasnain Abbas.


The Economic Quiz based on Four rounds, all teams were well prepared and testing their luck especially in buzzer round where 5 marks deducted if team buzzer and unable to answer. Mr Sameer Iqbal the Anchor person Master in English teaching in Karachi conducted the lively session keep audience awake as active learner and make session vibrant by light comments.


Alhumdullah SSTPSR with team effort of Taimoor Khan, Zubair Bughio, Monish and Raja Sahil won event and the Quiz shield by competing six top notch Hyderabad schools. The City School share Runner up Shield with Blue Jays. The topic of 2 Day event was given after the Quiz and SST has to prepare presentation on “Poverty’.


At the end The Head In charge of Senior Branch Mr Abbas address the audience, thanks to all participant schools and appreciate winner and runner up teams share about their A Level students that this program purely brain child of students, we only supported them. The organized, arrange sponsors, book hall sent letters and very well excuite it today .


We were invited to join the Refreshment in which Fizzy Cans, tasty bakery items patties, biscuits and cake was served.


Boys with the joy of winning position return back to SST to prepare for second task. We spent our whole afternoon in computer lab to collect relevant material according to the instructions written on REC Invitation letter. Boys were conscious about five points on which the panel judges will assess them. I divided the team for first speaker Monish, second Raja Sahil, Taimoor and Zubair to conclude the Presentation.


Mr Awaiz Aftab help us in finalizing the PPT presentation and IT department assist us as well.


We spent our Prep time and stay in IT lab till 11:00 Pm to finalized and rehearse the presentation to show up well.


Friday 23 November we left SST and reached in time, program started after 10:00pm as soon as the panel Judges arrived.


I was sitting next to RCS Principal Mrs Fahmeeda Soomoro , Graceful , 34 years experienced Educationalist who knows the importance of grooming and reforming the youth for upcoming life challenges we had constructive talk during the program.


The panelist of Economics Presentation were Mr Faraz from Lahore teaching CIE Business Studies & Economics, Mr Hassan Director of Al Hamad Institute of ICAP and Mr Shariq CEO of Sharjeeh Oil Company MBA marketing.


The program started by picking the chit and accordingly the teams goes in ordinal numbers, SST got 7th last to present the topic Poverty.


The Students from all school really work hard, its content and Communication skills with time management as we have to conclude the topic within 15 minutes. All teams presented assigned Macro Economics topics with PPT, SST boys started the presentation strongly and in between electricity was off due load shedding by the time generator was on boys cover the presentation but yes we have grey areas to cover especially in our Communication skills.


The result was announced First Prize goes to Foundation Public School who spoke on the topic of Lack of Education and Health in Pakistan. Runner up Shield goes to The City School Jinnah Campus who spoke on Balance of Payment Position. The Economics Champions shield and Young Economist shield was won by The Beacon House School who spoke on Inflation.


Mr Fahmeeda Soomro Principal RCS address the audience and later Chief Guest Principal Foundation Public school Ret Col Mr Sami address the audience, vibrant with the advised           “Respect Your Parents, Respect your Teacher” you will never be a looser. To acknowledge the Pakistani youth for the potential and talent they have, he accepts that my generation is failed to provide what Pakistan is required and Economic set back we face one after the other till today. He has shown his faith believe on current generation to do their best , he advised do not blindly follow what others talk about us, see that present government with lot of challenges is tracking the policies join them and lets Pakistan be the rising Nation .


23 November was Friday and the prize distribution ceremony prolongs as Rockford own winners were also acknowledge in this program. After Azan for Jumma prayers they adjourned the program, refreshment was served by 1:30 PM  we left Hyderabad to reached SST with mix feeling and identifying the grey areas to work on.