A team of four members Mr Fawad Senior Faculty from Nursery Branch and Mr Saqlain TSA Nursery branch Marketing Manager visited SST on 24 November, 2018 at 1310 hours. The students of G 10, 11 section A, GCE 12 and 13 attended the Career Session. The program commenced after lunch and all boys as per announcement gathered in Auditorium. The session started with Talawat by Abdul Jabbar and TSA presenter Mr Fawad was called to take over the mike.


He said that time has changed many things with the invention of Information Technology. The vision of finance has been broadened along with the scope of every phase of life. He asked audience about the biggest world retailer and majority said Wal-Mart but one student of G 11 said He appreciated and shared that Jack Ma, the Chinese owner of Alibaba has zero investment. He only purchases goods on credit for 45 days; his staff books orders and delivers the goods . This is how e- Commerce B2B, B2C is connecting globally. Accounting is all about running finances.He shared that each student must have his area of interest and told how much decision making is important in life.


He shared that Tabani School of Accountancy which is now known as Platinum Institute was established in 1998 by two partners.They offer multi programs under one roof. TSA is registered under Accounting Institute of ICAP Karachi, ACCA under British Council, Cost and Management Accounting under ICMAP. Under TSA, the Intermediate College Institute of Business Education is also working and they register students for B.Com from University of Karachi as well.


He told boys that after completing A Levels, they can join their AFC, Assessment of Fundamental Competency level 1 with four courses, Level 2 Certificate in Accounting and Finance CAF with nine courses Level 3 Certified and Accounting Professional with 6 Courses. He further added that boys can join Audit firm for Fellow ship to appear in Level 4 Multi Subject Assessment MSA 1& 2 . Once all the levels are cleared, they can become Certified members of ICAP.


The presentation was followed by a Question /Answer session in which he shared that there are exemptions in TSA courses if they score distinctions in English, Maths, Economics in their GCE / HSSC exams.


The session was adjourned at 1500 hours.