First Morning Assembly 2019

The first Morning Assembly of the new session 2019/20 started by invoking Allah to bless our days and guide us towards His Path followed by the golden words of The Prophet (PBUH ). Succeeding, National Anthem and flag hoisting were held in which students participated with patriotic fervor.

Then the honorable Principal ascended the platform. He welcomed all the students and the faculty. Subsequently, he announced the session 2019/20 open and the bell was rung by Rashid (16036) of Rohal House. The names of the new appointment holders were declared. Muhammad Subhan (11016) was titled with the appointment of ‘Head Boy” for the session 2019/20. Then all the students took oath with the Head boy. The names of raised the House Captains were also announced: Sanaullah Chandio (11085 ) became the House Captain of Shahbaz House, Shahroze Ali (11112 ) became the House Captain of Bhitai House, Shaheer Shams (11053) was appointed the House Captain of Sachal House. It was also declared that the Head boy will lodge in the Rohal House.

The assembly was concluded with the speech by the Principal. He further announced the Dorm Captains and House Prefects from each house. He stressed upon the honesty to accomplish the responsibilities they have pledged for. The shoulders of appointment holders were decorated by the House Team Members. The Head boy raised the slogan of Pakistan and thus the Assembly ended.