Kashmir solidarity hour

The founder of our beloved nation, Quaid-e-Azam once said “Kashmir is an integral part of Pakistan”. Keeping this view in mind, it’s our duty to protect the dignity and sovereignty of Kashmir till our last breath, Holly Prophet peace be upon him is reported to have said the entire Muslim community is like one body if one part feels pain, the entire body feels it. Hence it is our foremost duty not to turn a blind eye to all the             idiosyncrasies and barbaric activities being imposed on them but deal the enemies with an iron fist. The Indian forces have once again attacked peaceful valley of Kashmir and made very houses of its residents their prison.  They cannot escape this torture as a curfew has been imposed on them. Death, Killing and slaughtering of many innocents has become the order of the day. Attempts are being made throughout Pakistan to reincarnate and express our solidarity towards Kashmiri Muslims

SST, which is also a mini Pakistan stood abreast with Kashmiris on this inhuman attempt. On 30th August 2019, a rally of students set out to prove the fact with beholding truth that every individual of this sacred country, irrespective of his age is ready to fight the malevolent enemies and their mean intentions.

In this rally, Daily news, News one, 92 news were present to capture and record the entire event. To commence the event, all the students gathered in the courtyard and the National Anthem of Pakistan and Kashmir were sung in a voice laced with determination and courage. Then the Dean of our Alma-mater, Air Cdre (Retd) Nayyar Qayyum Khawaja addressed the gathering, In his speech, he emphasized on changing our habits and malpractices which are usually ignored by the common mind, without which he said, we even won’t be able to keep our own freedom intact, let alone the freedom of Kashmir.

Afterward, all the students lined in proper queues, and marched up to the school’s gate raising the slogans in the process for Kashmir’s freedom. In addition to this, the news channels too interviewed the students from Kashmir (who are studying in SST) and then the event was drawn to a conclusion.